Really excited to announce that a recent project of ours, The Girl in the Photographs, was picked up by Vertical Entertainment for distribution.

This was a really rewarding project to work on along side Director Nick Simon and Director of Photography Dean Cundy. There are so many wonderful aspects of the film that we enjoyed working on, from the incredible style of filming to the array of VFX and specialized color work to pull the scene together, this feature was truly a delight.

Color Grading Supervision by Leandro Marini and Colorist Lee Hultman did a great job pulling out the specialty moments, highlighting the wonderfully gruesome and terribly disturbing scenes. An incredible feat was to effectively work around the rolling shutter issue of in camera flashes. There were a hefty amount of flash scenes from photography to police cop cars but it was no problem for our VFX Supervisor Bjorn Walters to find a way to make these scenes look seamlessly perfect.

Local Hero wants to offer our sincerest condolences to the friends and family of Wes Craven, whom passed recently. He had a big hand in making this feature come to life. Nick Simon, an avid Wes Craven fan, worked very closely with his long time Idol and brought a horror film to light that will no doubt appeal to the masses