Our Services

REAL by FAKE Provides Fully Integrated Visual Production Services for Feature Films, Television, & Commercials. Our goal at REAL by FAKE is to help you finish your project. While we can provide all Post-Production services (such as Color Correction, Visual Effects, Sound Design, Mixing, Offline, and more, our primary function is to get your project through the finish line. REAL by FAKE will come on board during pre-production and can even offer Co-Production services.

Visual Effects

REAL by FAKE’s in-house VFX team delivers invisible solutions that tell stories powerfully.


Our teams work with you throughout the entire process. Pre-Prod, Dailies, Offline, DI, & Delivery.


Our Audio teams offer full service Audio Post-Production for Film, TV, Commercials, etc.


REAL by FAKE has extensive credits co-producing feature films and prestige TV projects.

Financing Partnerships

We have tax incentive and production credit programs for productions in the US and Canada.


We offer an exclusive & proprietary framework for rapid, cost-effective Director-centric post-production.

About us

REAL by FAKE provides fully Integrated Post-Production and Realistic VFX for Feature Films, Television, Commercials, and Music Videos. Our team is packed with veterans of the industry and we pride ourselves on being able to guide your project through to the finish line.

Whether you have a small project or a big project, our team will find the best solutions. With our team members having worked in Pre-Production, Production, & Post, we will guide you in all aspects of your project.. Contact us today and let us know how we can help.


We have received numerous International Awards (for our designs, concepts, and ideas) ranging from Best Visual Effects, Best 3D Entertainment, Post Production, Motion Design, and More!

Expert team

Our Team has 400+ years of combined experience in VFX and Post Production. With over 1 Million Hours of VFX Artistry time spent on projects over the past 20 years!

From digitally-enhanced action sequences to mind-blowing set extensions RBFs in-house VFX team delivers invisible solutions that tell stories powerfully. We specialize in:

  • Digitally-Enhanced Action
  • Set extensions
  • Character Repositioning
  • Scene Stitching
  • VFX Supervision
  • Compositing
  • Virtual Sets
  • Clean-up / Beauty / Object Removal
  • Sky Replacement
  • 3D Elements

Post is where it all comes together. From Pre-production to Final Delivery, RBF teams work with you throughout the entire post process. We do it all:

  • Workflow Design
  • Look Development
  • Dailies
  • Offline Editorial
  • Final Color Grading
  • Conform
  • Finishing
  • Titles & Credits
  • Sound Design / Mixing
  • Dolby Vision Certified

Our Audio team is fully equipped to deliver all aspects of audio post-production using the industry’s latest technologies. We can provide our clients with complete audio packages including:

  • Mixing formats: Dolby Atmos, 7.1 and 5.1 for Film, Television, Commercials and Interactive
  • Sound supervision, Custom Sound design
  • ADR and Dialog supervision
  • Dialog Editorial
  • SFX Editorial
  • Voice-Over / ADR recording (Source Connect optional)
  • Foley recording and editorial
  • Foreign language dubbing
  • Dolby E encode and decode
  • Descriptive Video

Featuring several PGA members, RBF has extensive credits co-producing feature films and prestige TV projects. We’ll join you in your development phase to help:

  • Raise financing
  • Map Workflow Bible
  • Map VFX Strategy
  • Help Plan Practicals vs Digital
  • Support Camera Tests
  • CODEC Testing & Limit Verifications
  • Finance Tax Incentives (Canada & Georgia)

Tax incentive and production credit programs in the US and Canada can provide Producers and Studios with major cost savings. RBF works with you to:

  • Negotiate maximum possible rebates/credits
  • Provide low-cost bridge financing to minimize or eliminate cash outlays
  • Manage and traffic all paperwork related to incentives and rebates

EditAvance is An RBF-exclusive framework for rapid, cost-effective Director-centric post-production. Constantly upgraded based on our work on shows like BIG LITTLE LIES and SHARP OBJECTS. EditAvance currently features:

  • Hybrid Editorial/VFX Workflows
  • Songs as musical baselines
  • Maximum Director creativity
  • Rapid iterations of visual concepts during Editorial

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Years of Experience


I have collaborated closely with REAL By FAKE on many projects, and they have become the trusted producing, VFX and post-production partner for all my projects. I witnessed the teamwork between Real By FAKE Montreal and Los Angeles first-hand while working on Big Little Lies and Sharp Objects. It was one of the keys to my success on those projects.

- Jean-Marc Vallee, Producer / Director

I've had the pleasure of working with REAL by FAKE, since the Local Hero days, on several projects from short films to large features. In each case the procedure and results have been great experiences. REAL by FAKE’s pipeline and facility always exceed my expectations. I can’t recommend REAL by FAKE enough.

- Dean Cundey, Cinematographer

Our collaboration with REAL by FAKE was fantastic. They were able to handle not just one department; they were handling the totality of what was going to be the visuals on “Black Summer". From dailies to VFX to color; all the way from top to bottom.

- John Hyams, Producer / Director